ART ABOUT / 1999
Art to visit in June in Southern France

(2019 - Visit the art gallery of Francois Jatteau, as well as the galleries,
and studios of other artists, in the pretty village of Aigne, in the Minervois)

art by Francoise Jatteau
Landscape by Françoise Jatteau

Atelier of François Jatteau
Icons, Landscape, and Meditative Paintings

34210 Aigne
near Minerve

Open all year
Call (33) 4 68 91 89 44
(to make a special appointment to view art)

In the beautiful village of Aigne, close to Minerve, lives and works artist François Jatteau. Her art, her paintings are intense dialogues of the spirit and the soul. Her icons exude a preciousness of time and moment, an adoration that speaks without airs and graces. Her landscapes and meditative paintings cross over from the solidity of land and nature, to the depths and mountains of the mind. Visit her atelier at the center of the village, next to the roman church, at the center of the spiral of streets, like the windings on a snail

art by Francoise Jatteau
Madonna and Child by Françoise Jatteau

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