Each Year visit the Mayronnes Sculpture Walk,
Near Lagrasse, Corbieres, Languedoc
Each Year : Visit the 5 kms art walk in Mayronnes

Art to visit in the summer in Southern France

art by D. Jackson

Germaine IV by D Jackson

Yearly event by numerous artists

near Lagrasse

Tel 04 68 43 12 37

Free access

Get out your hiking shoes, and bring a packed lunch for a wonderful walk from the charming village of Mayronnes, near Lagrasse. Here, artists, are given the glories of space, magnificent views, to create works that challenge and entertain the viewer. The walk is hilly in parts, and takes around 2 hours to complete - though those who would like a shorter walk can take a short path of around 1 hour and a quarter. This is an experience not to be missed!

2019 This sculpture event is held every year in Mayronnes and is well worth the visit.

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