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Landscape oil painting by artist Giles Denmark Mitchell June 2019


Extroversion - Post Internet World, by Giles Mitchell - artwork January 29 2019 .

Extroversion. Post-Internet World. Artwork by Giles Mitchell January 2019

Art work is about the reconfiguration of the universe as logic changes its organic structure and how human vision will change.

Americas 2019.  By Giles Mitchell - artwork January 2019 .

Americas 2019. Artwork by Giles Mitchell January 2019


This is the time where i left off
I could not stand it
The rigmarole of playing with words in French or English
In poetry its like sword play where the bit is between your teeth
The same with paint the ever so practical pivoting it self on platonic words
What God or Buddha or Arithmatic or cares how you spell it
That divided us from nature
Where play and what just happened created the next moment
As chance would have it as it were or will be ....

What place will i place the point my finger on
Which button will i push
Where did space divide itself from logic form?

Who will you be today
What essence of spirit will you take
A ghost or the host within that word - that being?

That hat at the T that holds the universe together?

Enjoy the day!

A blister of a poem - from Giles Mitchell 11.12 am Tue 20 Nov 2018

Painting by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)
Phi - Painting by Giles Mitchell aka Giles Denmark 2017

Political Fat by painting Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)

Political Fat - Painting by Giles Mitchell 2017

painting by giles denmark mitchell - Truck breaking for early morning

Truck breaking for early morning sunlight.
Artist - Giles Mitchell

Theatre work by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark) - Cracks in the City - 1976 at Roundhouse theater London

Actors for theater poetry work by Giles Mitchell - Cracks in the City - Roundhouse Theatre - London 1976

Painting by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)

Self Portrait - Painting by Giles Mitchell 2018

Painting by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)

What is your wavelength? - Painting by Giles Mitchell 2017

Painting by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)

Autumnal thought - Painting (in progress)
Giles Mitchell
28 Oct 2018


Cut earth
Sun runs
Moon spoons


Tick tick


14.10 21 September 2018

Poem by Giles 'Denmark' Mitchell

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  • Poetry

    Giles Denmark "Menhir"
    menhir, languedoc, france

    Beaten, bloodied, armour bashed
    Proud rock erect
    Once danced, daubed, climbed,
    Menhir perches hidden in earth embrace
    Trees moggy around
    Wind beating toss and throw
    Man stands under
    Gasping for breath

    This spirit rock, with a history of local legends,
    is off the main road between Bize-Minervois
    and Villespassans, Languedoc, South of France

    © Giles Denmark 2000

About the artist

Giles Mitchell
I am a multimedia artist who has presented performance art works, exhibitition, music works, poetry theater, murals, and installations, in Europe, and USA. Performance art and theater works in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center, First Avenue Danceteria, Jungle Theater, Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 2 visits: Performance with Doryphorus, 1st century sculpture of a Spear Bearer - reputedly by Polyklietos), and with a sculpture by Rodin; also "TV Mania" at Franklin Furnace, New York. Taught in art schools, and created perfornance art works in Scandinavia, including the Stavanger Arts Festival, performed at Roundhouse, London. Awards include Mcknight Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Art. Artist in residence, Yellow Springs Institute. Collaborated as performer poet with Donald Byrd (choreographer, dancer) and Chuck Zwicky (music) at First Avenue Danceteria, and Walker Art Center. Collaborated (poetry story line) on a video "Intrusions" in Mpls/NY with Keith Froelich, UCV Translations Grant. Collaborated with on Acts of Fassion (poetry performance fashion show) Thea Tullous (painter) and Heidi Arvin (designer). Collaborated with Glenys Johnson, "Experiments in Space" at Slade School of Art.

I live and breathe and create now in South France

For more information about giles mitchell/denmark background look at Academia : Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)