Dijon was the original capital
Of the Grand Dukes of Burgundy

Patronising the best artists from Flanders to the North
Beautiful busy city with elegant parks, and
Magnificent Fine Arts museum,
With glorious 15th century tombs Of Philippe le Hardi and Jean sans Peur,
And masterpieces of European Art
Marvel at the Cathedrale Saint-Bénigne
With Dijon Mustard checkerboard enamelled tiled roof
And wander in the dark crypt, with solemn pre-Romanesque columns
From the church in older days (10th Century).
Come early September, satiate yourself with the lore of Burgundy
Come to the Dijon International Folklore and Wine Festival.




In the Land of Seven Valleys
Where women ruled, in wood and water,
The first merry songs of the Seine Slipping between tree, and lush meadow
Where trout swim, and boar break
the bush
See the large and intricately designed Vix Vase
Taken from the 6th century BC tomb of a renowned female leader
Walk in the ways of the Knights Templar
In the Ource Valley, and if you like fishing, take a rod
At Vanvey think how lucky you are or aren't to have a washing machine
And visit the washing house, by the still but moving waters.
Go to a sacred source and visit
the sparkling waterfall of the Douix at Quémigny-sur-Seine.
The Douix is one of the most beautiful springs of France.
Venerated since the 1st Iron Age, it is the oldest Celtic place of worship.
Fill yourself with reverence for the fresh frivolities
of water, woods, and the great outside


Unusually deep in the best of wine country
In the town of Fixin
Love and adoration of Napoleon stands proud
"Le réveil de l'Empereur"
The awakening of the Emporer in strong style
By sculptor François Rude
Stands next to a museum, curious
Copied from prison at Elbe which held Napolean
Full of the history of the man who ruled Europe.
Here is the lair of wine, see the walled-in vineyards
The 'clos' found in many a fine wine name
Wine that originally laced the lips of many a monk Cluniac and Cistercian.
Drink good of the reds of the Côte de Nuits,
And indulge the whites of Côte de Beaune
The selection and quality intense.
Live and Let Live!