Chateau of Queribus, Pyrenees-Orientales, Languedoc

Queribus - Cathar castle in the High Corbieres, Languedoc

The hills steep, rocky, desolate
The woman, men, children, on the run
Simon de Montfort, and mercenaries hungry for loot, blood
In the name of the Pope.
Queribus a castle on the top of Earth, the evil earth
And nearest to heaven
This is where they run, cutting their skin on thorn on rock
One last chance to hide, to be quiet, to find consolation
With their parfaits, their priests.

How long has it been, the long walk, the high walk
High above Cucugnan and the gateways to Spain
The stiff cliffs and the plummeting stones
Go now, in the light of day, when the sun rises or falls
Drive to Queribus, follow the track to the castle
You will not be disappointed by the view or the heightening of the senses
Queribus is well worth the visit !

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  • Poetry

    Giles Denmark "Capitelle"

    capitelle, languedoc, france

    Guardian of sheep
    Slept the night
    Stars bright

    Cave of man
    Wood smoke
    Baas of lambs

    Winds of silence
    Almond blossom
    Hill meets heaven


Queribus Castle, Languedoc