Cool Bathing, near Cailhols, Paguignan, in the Minervois, Herault, Languedoc

river cessiere, near cailhol, paguignon

River cessiere, near Cailhol, Paguignon

Valley of Cessiere, Minervois, Languedoc

Valley of Cessiere, Minervois, Languedoc

Cool Bathing

Bathe I tell you, bathe in the cool pools under the Roman Tower.
In the spring fed river Cessière before the heat of Summer, sucks dry its refreshing cologne.

Go up to Caillol, take a right, as you go through the village, on the road from Paguignan.

Follow the narrow road, that follows the river bed, cross the small bridge,
and park in the clearing under the house and near the bubbling water.

Walk! Walk!

follow the edges of rock and water, and strip off and plunge when the water beckons.

Now lie back, and drink some Minervois wine, and cheese and bread, and linger.

Linger here, don't forget to take the time to listen to the singing of bird and the wind through tree.

When restored, walk on and up to the old mill,

its old irrigation canals and channels under brick still evident.

Look out for the goats , hidden behind walls meshed against the cliffs.

Take the side path up to the tower, but be sure of foot.

Walk on on the old path, deep by stone wall, and aged oak forest.

Tell me what you find.

Follow the path, and return again for one more swim.