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Endless beaches of Charente

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Visit Charente-Maritime and Charente and find a glorious and beautiful
part of France, from gorgeous beaches, to the idyllic river Charente that
meanders through pretty villages made well famous for the production of Cognac brandy

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La Rochelle, Charente
La Rochelle

Talmont, charente

La Rochelle

A lively port with much to see from the old port with the 3 towers, cafés and clubs, the museum of the New World, the aquarium with shark tank, and many streets and markets to shop. Here too you will find boats out to Ré, Aix and Oléron, and Fort Boyard (used as a setting for an adventurous game show!).


A resort with a lively nightlife, casinos, and beaches to be seen on, as well as apparently an international marbles championship! The town is modern, as its original buildings were demolished during the war. However every summer there is always something going on - music festivals, circuses, events. For those seeking more sea and nature - Grande Côte to the north west offers exhilarating Atlantic breakers.


Within the "Golden Circle" of 20 miles across come the best brandies from Cognac, and Jarnac, due in part to the chalky soil. In Cognac visit the famed cognac museum and houses of Camus, Hennessy, Martell, Otard, Rémy Martin. Go to Jarnac to visit Courvoissier. Both towns are strikingly pretty against the lazy background of the River Charente, that provides enjoyment for boating enthusiasts and for fishing.

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This art rich town, with its ramparts proudly butting over the river Charente, has a marvelous cathedral - St Peter's - with a fantastic Romanesque façade. There are many fine 17th and 18th streets to wander around with magnificent houses. On a lighter note - the town hosts an international comic strip festival, and you will find some representation of this at the Centre National de l'Image

Boyard, Charente Maritime

Boyard, Charente Maritime

charente, near cognac


Remarkably this was the most important town of the 1st Century AD and a short walk from the railway station you can visit remains of this era including the Arch of Germanicus, the Gallo-Roman amphitheater, and remains of the Roman Baths, as well as the archaeological museum dedicated to Roman Gaul. There also are numerous splendid churches including Saint Eutrope and the gothic cathedral of Saint Pierre.