Muses on Canal du Midi, Capestang
Poems by Giles Denmark Mitchell

canal du midi, near capestang, herault, languedoc

Capestang Walk

On the footpath
Where the rolling road from Roueire
Wrestles with the bristles of plane trees

I stand
Water cold
Driven by the wind
How it pummels even the intrepid walker
But the sun is bright
And the world is glad

Forget the Sunday market
The barges jostling in the port
And look upward to the Church
A fortress amongst the vineyards
Look how it has stood against the marauders
Stoic, even against the serpentine villa invaders
With their quick walls, and the bit of green to call home.

The footpath twig strewn, waiting for the walker
One foot in front of the other
Important steps.
Careful how you tread!

Poem by ©Giles Denmark (Mitchell)

March 16, 2008