Golden beaches and marina on the Mediterranean in South of France

Gruissan is near Narbonne with easy access from airports in Beziers, Carcassonne, Perpignan, Toulouse, Montpellier

gruissan and gruissan plage near Narbonne, Languedoc, South France


My first love affair with Gruissan was a climb to the top of Redbeard's (Barbarousse) tower. The sun baking the ground, and the views across the etang and the Med. That was 25 years ago. The village has expanded - slowly growing from its role in the 10th century protecting entry to Narbonne, to the progressive village it is today with a myriad of facilities.

Its a village full of contrasts - from the small village streets to the 60s modern marina, half tat and half cream. Its a village enjoying reinventing itself, with many events, venues, clubs, new homes existing side by side with the beauties of nature.

Old industries of is seen in the sea salt farms, with giant hills of salt - "Camelles", in differing shades of brown and white, and the flat "fields" of salt water. Visit the salt museum at Les Salins du Midi (March 1 - Oct 31 open) - museum guided tour, walks. The present salt works produces about 30,000 tons of salt a year.

For wine, vineyards, and the future of viniculture in and around Gruissan - visit Pech Rouge with its City of Wine, and discover the life of the vine from soil to vine, from vine to grape, from grape to wine. Trace traditional methods to the cutting edge. Pech Rouge is instructive and eye opening for young and old alike. If you seeking film glamor visit actor (Le Grand Blond avec une chaussure noire) Pierre Richard's vineyard, at Château Bel Evèque, on Route des Salins. If you are seeking fine dining and wine tasting, sometimes in a jazz atmosphere, go to Chateau Le Bouis.

On June 29 Fete de St Pierre (*Patron Saint of Gruissan and fishermen), see the blessing of the boats, the parades, the processions, that herald this long tradition that still lives on in the village. There are 23 fishing enterprises that catch fish - with a variety of mackerel, sardine, sea bass, mullet, sea bream and flat fish including sole, turbot and brill, as well as "farming methods" that bring in oysters, and mussels. As a holiday maker you could perhaps help land fish - pulling in nets from the sea. For pleasure from big yachts to small boats - all can be seen at the large marina.

In reverence of the fishermen, and sailors world wide, as well as experience a lovely walk amongst pine trees, visit chapel Notre Dame des Auzils, atop the Massif de la Clape. Walk a path, with cenotaphs - memorials to sailors lost at sea, gradually climbing the hillside, past a herb garden, a hermits cave, to the chapel. Here there is a lovely view of the coast line, as well on entering the chapel you will find an interesting collection of paintings, ships models, memorials to the turbulance and solitude of the sea.



beaches at gruissan

Great beaches at Gruissan

pyrenees view, nr gruissan

View of Pyrenees

gruissan church

Beautiful village church of Gruissan


For sport, beach and fun activities - Gruissan has it all.


16 courts, 3 of which are flood-lit and one indoor.

Sailing: Windsurfing Kitesurfing

Visit the sailing windsurf site - Gruissan Windsurfing Championship

Kitesurfing, Windsurfers, catamaran and stand up paddle boarder and even kayak lovers GO TO - Akila Gruissan


A minigolf course of 18 holes

Skateboard and Rollerblade

Skateboard and rollerblade park and facilities are available.

Amusement park

Pirat Park has a number of rides to thrill.


Gruissan Plage and Gruissan boast some of the loveliest beaches on the Med, with gradual gradients making the beaches perfect for children and adults alike.

Gruissan Plage was made famous in the film of Jean Jacques Béneix : "37,2 le matin" also known as "Betty Blue".

There are beaches for both "textiles" and "naturalists". There are wild beaches and beaches with life guards (in the Summer months). Its a great place to walk and discover all the beauties of Languedoc.


Le Joffre Bar Restaurant
Colourful and good traditional fare
**** Family / Couple rating
(Near the Castle)
3 rue Espert
11430 Gruissan

Notre dame des Auzils, Gruissan

Sailor's chapel, Notre Dame des Auzils, Gruissan

walk to sailors chapel, gruissan, aude, languedoc

Cenotaphs on the path to Sailor's Chapel, Gruissan

naturist beach, gruissan

The naturist part of the beach at Gruissan

map showing gruissan, nr Narbonne, in Aude, Languedoc

Location of Gruissan, Aude, Languedoc