Memories of Autumn Colors

Road from Saint Chinian to Berlou, and Escagnes, Herault

road to berlou from Saint Chinian

saint chinian wines grow  intensely near berlou

escagnes, herault

saint chinian vineyards at escagnes, saint chinian, herault
Photo feature (Dec 16 2007)

Take the road to Roquebrun, by the high road via Berlou, Escagnes,
and enjoy views of the River Orb and Gorges d'Heric. Herault, Languedoc, South France

Take a roundabout way to visit Roquebrun, and you will be entranced by the scenery on the road to Berlou, famed for its pure waters, and luscious red wines. You will be driving along roads, that have as a background the Espinouse hills, with the Gorge d'Heric as one of its splendours!

As Autumn cools the warmth of the Sun, and the vines have been picked of their grapes, the gardens of vines, glow with the variety of colours. Its a warm embrace. Take a visit to Berlou and enjoy the wines at the caves there - and don't go away without purchasing some of the great wines that grow here in the Saint Chinian terroir

Escagnes, Berlou, linger in the higher valleys above the gorges of the Orb river, a river which you can canoe down. It is on the way to the famous Gorge d'Heric, which is well worth a walk along.

Now in December its good to look back at the color of October and November - where the autumn fall colours of vineyards are one of the great wonders of Languedoc - its never too late in the year to visit this area!

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Here are some samples of holiday rentals in the area:

Saint Chinian Rentals 2019

Description of holiday rentals near St Chinian, Roquebrun, Languedoc

house rental saint chinian Arbousier
Pierrerue, Saint Chinian

Sleeps 8.
Large swimming pool.
Wifi Internet.
Satellite TV. Large Garden. 4 bedrooms. Panoramic views.
house, st chinian Acanthus,
St Chinian

Sleeps 2-4
. Balcony. Restaurants near.
Swimming pool in village.
Wifi Internet.

rental with garden

La Cave
Near St Chinian

Sleeps 8. Swimming pool. Garden.

Near St Chinian and Capestang


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