South France Restaurant Find of the Month (2020)
Cafe du Midi, Bize Minervois, Aude, Languedoc

An excellent restaurant, exuding in friendly service, and tasteful surprises - one of my favourites!

restaurant cafe du midi, bize minervois, languedoc
Cafe du Midi is the perfect place to wine and dine in day and at night!

Cafe du Midi, Bize Minervois

Restaurant Cafe du Midi, Bize Minervois

cafe midi interior bize-minervois

The restaurant, offers an eclectic menu with traditional dishes that have been approached with originality and panache. Service is charming and excellent.

Interior at Cafe Du Midi, Bize Minervois

Cafe du Midi offers great food, Bize Minervois

Cafe du Midi
1, place aux herbes
11120 Bize Minervois
Tel 04 68 70 39 18

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