Restaurant Cote Canal, Colombiers, Courgasse, near Beziers, Herault.
Languedoc Restaurant of the Month (June 2008)

(2020 - Restaurant still operating - reviews are good this year)

Restaurant Cote Canal, Courgasse, between Colombiers and Beziers, on the Canal du Midi

This restaurant has a near perfect position on the Canal du Midi - and offers an eclectic selection of dishes to suit all tastes.
It has a lovely terrace with views across the Canal du Midi, with its interesting boat traffic, across the vineyards to the hills
to the north of Beziers. There are some nice local wines to savor on the menu - though I wish one could buy wine by the carafe.
I always find it unfortunate that one of the great assets of the region wine - is not given as a seductive tool to clientele
at reasonable prices. After all wine opens doors to all the great vignerons that are working hard to create distinctive
wine in the area.

Restaurant Cote Canal
2640 Traverse de Colombiers
34500 Beziers

Tél : 04 67 28 08 54


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