Recommended Restaurants in Languedoc
For 2020

Auberge La Selette - 30 minutes north of Narbonne - in Cabezac, near Bize Minervois
Always a pleasure to go to - this restaurant is great for kids and adults alike - there is a warmth and friendliness that keeps clients coming back for more!

Lo Cagarol - 45 minutes north of Narbonne, in Aigne, near Minerve
Exciting menus with a flash of inspiration, in lovely setting - sit out under parasols in the village square, visit local art studios.

Auberge St Martin - 45 minutes north of Narbonne, in Beaufort, near Olonzac
On a day when the sun is out and you want clean fresh tastes in your mouth, and to sit out under trees - I come here.

Le Petit Comptoir - Narbonne
Fine dining, at the back of a traditional looking French bar - Just thinking of the place - brings back scintillating tastes. Reserve in advance

Les Platanes - 25 minutes from Narbonne, 10 minutes from Beziers, in Poilhes, on the Canal du Midi
This is one of the new gastronomic jewels of the area where dining is fresh, ingenious, and the hosts personable and pleasant

Auberge de la Croisade, 30 minutes north of Narbonne, in La Croisade, near Cruzy and Ouveillan
For choice and excellent dining with host Bruno, on the banks of the beautiful Canal du Midi - what could be more delicious?

Chez Pierrot, 10 minutes from Narbonne, in Vinassan
Dine out under the stars with 1000 others in this enormous restaurant, and enjoy pizzas and moules in an unforgettable setting.
Huge inflatables for the kids to keep them occupied. Service is fast and enjoyable to watch!

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