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South France Restaurants
Best in Languedoc and South of France

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One of the joys of visiting France is dining at an excellent French restaurant -
so whether you are staying at a holiday rental or looking for French Property to Buy
- stop at one of these fine restaurants

South France Restaurant of December 2017 is
in Les Trois Petits Cochons, in Ginestas, in the
Minervois region of Languedoc
, Occitania,
South France
Languedoc Restaurants

brasserie le bizan, great restaurant at bize-minervois, near beziers, canal du midi languedoc

Brasserie Le Bizan, Bize-Minervois,
near Narbonne, Minerve, Minervois, and Canal du Midi (July 2018)

A friendly excellent meals - pizza, steaks, hamburgers, salads, and fries! with locals and visitors at
good prices make this the place to go in Bize Minervois!

les trois petits cochons, best restaurant, ginestas, near bize-minervois, beziers, canal du midi languedoc

Les Trois Petits Cochons, in Ginestas,
near Narbonne, Minervois, and Canal du Midi (December 2017)

A friendly excellent lunch with locals and visitors at
good prices make this the place to go in Ginestas!

cafe de la place, restaurant, cafe, bar, la caunette, near minerve, in languedoc south france

ChocoBar Restaurant, Minerve, Herault
(August 2017)

Quick dining with bruchetta, beer, great coffee - all to get you going
or to snooze looking at lovely Minerve!

cafe de la place, restaurant, cafe, bar, la caunette, near minerve, in languedoc south france

Café de la Place, La Caunette, near Minerve, Herault
(June 2017)

Great family dining with steaks, pizza, and salads that spark!

Palais de Shayan indian pakastani restaurant in Beziers, Languedoc

Palais de Shayan Indian and Pakastani Restaurant,
Beziers, Herault. (April 2015)
Quirky, wonderful, friendly Indian and Pakastani cuisine in Beziers

bastide de fauzan restaurant, fauzan near Minerve, languedoc

Bastide de Fauzan,
Fauzan, near Minerve and Cesseras. (March 2015)
Once known as Restaurant Chabbert, now a delightful out of the way place to go

vieux tonneaux restaurant, peyriac de mer, languedoc

Vieux Tonneaux Restaurant,
Peyriac de Mer, near Narbonne. (September 2014)
Lovely traditional restaurant, with cosy bar, in central Peyriac de Mer, near Narbonne

les pilotis restaurant at leucate plage, languedoc

Les Pilotis,
Leucate Plage, Leaucate. (August 2014)

Beach Restaurant at Leucate Plage, Leucate, Aude, between Narbonne and Perpignane

Le Comptoir Nature,
Le Somail, Canal du Midi. (August 2013)

Canal du Midi, at Le Somail, near Ginestas, Minervois, Narbonne

Restaurant L'Asphodele,
Oupia, Herault. (March 2013)

Minervois, near Olonzac, Canal du Midi, Homps

Auberge du Vigneron,
Cucugnan, Aude (September 2012)

High Corbieres, near Queribus, Peyrepertuse

Au Lavoir Restaurant,
Colombiers, Herault (August 2012)

Canal du Midi, near Beziers, Capestang, Oppidum d'Enserune, Montady

Cafe de la Place,
La Caunette, Herault (July 2012)

Minervois, near Minerve, Aigne, Olonzac, Bize Minervois

Le Grand Cap (previously Klim & Ko Restaurant), Leucate, Aude (June 2012)
Relais Chantovent Restaurant, Minerve, Herault (April 2012)
O Soleil Restaurant, Marseillan, Herault (September 2011)

La Bodega, Bar a vin, Ad hoc restaurant, Les Halles, Narbonne, Aude (January 2011)
Restaurant La Cave, La Caunette, Herault (July 2010)
Restaurant Le Mas de Gaujac, Lezignan-Corbieres, Aude (March 2010)
Le Punjab, Perpignan, Pyrenees-Orientales (September 2009)
En Catimini Restaurant, Lezignan Corbieres, Aude (September 2009) Website Viewer recommendation
La Restanque Pizzeria Restaurant, Argeliers, Aude (August 2009)
Auberge du Faby, Rouvenac, Aude (July 2009 - Website viewer recommendation
Restaurant Le 26, Narbonne, Aude (May 2009)
Tantine et Tonton, Limoux, Aude (January 2009) - Website viewer recommendation
La Grange, Bize Minervois, Aude (November 2008)
La Distillerie Restaurant, Saint Marcel sur Aude, Aude (October 2008)
Restaurant Pizzeria L'Esplanade, Puisserguier, Herault (September 2008) Website Viewer recommendation
Restaurant Cote Canal, Colombiers, Herault (June 2008)
L'Entre Temps, Narbonne, Aude (May 2008 - Website visitor recommendation)
Chez Jean-Marc Restaurant (previously L'Appaloosa), Bize Minervois, Aude (March 2008, April 2015)
Restaurant L'Art de Vivre, Chateau L'Hospitalet, between Narbonne and Narbonne Plage. (updated May 2016)
L'Auberge de la Croisade, Canal du Midi. (revisited April 2008)
Restaurant L'Etoile d'Oc, Pouzols Minervois, Aude. (January 2008)
Le Fournil de l'Espic, Lespinassiere, Aude. (December 2007)
Auberge La Selette, Cabezac, near Bize Minervois (original review: August 1998 - updated November 2007)
Restaurant Le H, Chateau L'Hospitalet, between Narbonne and Narbonne Plage. (October 2007)
Les Platanes, Poilhes, Herault. (Sept 2007 - update from 2004)
Restaurant La Table Saint-Crescent, Narbonne, Aude. (August 2007)
La Tour Sarrasine, Poilhes, Herault. (August 2007, Feb 2001)
Selection of Narbonne Restaurants, Aude. (July 2007)
Le Village, Saint Chinian, Herault. (June 2007 - Website visitor recommendation)
Le Captiva, Montpellier, Herault. (April 2007 - Website visitor recommendation)
Domaine Gayda - Bourdasso Restaurant (italian food), Brugairolles, nr Limoux, Carcassonne, Aude. (March 2007)
Auberge Côté Jardin, Conilhac Corbieres, nr Lezignan, Aude. (December 2006)
La Carmagnole, Perpignan, Pyrenees Orientales. (October 2006)
La Fourchette Folle, Roubia, Canal du Midi, Aude. (September 2006)
Brasserie L'Estagnol, Narbonne, Aude. (June 2006)
Lou Cabinaire, Les Cabanes de Fleury, Aude. (June 2006) - discover?
La Table des Compagnons, Domaine Belvize, Bize Minervois, Aude. (June 2006) - discover!
G Restaurant, Gruissan, Aude. (June 2006) - press notice from owner
Relais Chantovent, Minerve, Herault. (April 2006)
Auberge de St Martin, Beaufort, Herault. (July 1999, revisited March 2006)
Le Picou, La Caunette, Herault. (February 2006)
Les Ecluses, Salleles d'Aude, Aude. (October 2005)
Buvette de Cabezac, Cabezac, Aude. (August 2005)
Auberge de Ferrals, Ferrals Les Montagnes, Herault. (August 2005)
Octopus, Beziers, Herault. (August 2005- Website visitor recommendation)
Café de la Grill, Capestang, Herault. (July 2005- Website visitor recommendation)
Le Ban Thai, Sigean, Aude. (March 2005)
La Régalade, Oupia, Aude. (December 2004)
Brasserie Co, Narbonne, Aude. (September 2004)
Languedoc recommended restaurants. (August 2004)
En Bonne Compagnie, Homps, Aude. (July 2004)
Les Templiers, Bize Minervois, Aude. (July 2004)
Au Cep D'Or, Beziers. (June 2004 and September 1999)
La Raffinerie, Beziers, Herault. (May 2004)
Les Platanes, Poilhes, Herault. (March 2004)
Au Pif Rouge, Beziers, Herault. (February 2004)
Lézard Bleu, Vieussan, Herault. (February 2004)
La Baume Auriol, Cirque de Navacelles, Herault. (January 2004)
La Musardiere, Gignac, Herault. (November 2003)
Les Beaux Arts, Bages, Aude. (August 2003)
Le Moulin de Trebes, Trebes, Aude. (June 2003)
Les Trois Grâces, Lagrasse, Aude. (April 2003)
Les Cuisiniers Vignerons, Fontfroide, nr Narbonne, Aude. (November 2002)
La Guinguette, Argens Minervois, Aude. (July 2002)
La Bastide, Cabezac, Aude. (May 2002)
Le Petit Comptoir, Narbonne, Aude. (March 2002)
Le Cours, Saint Gilles du Gard, Gard. (January 2002)
Le Vieux Puits, Maraussan, Herault. (June 2001)
La Calèche, Saint Chinian, Herault. (May 2001)

La Tour Sarrasine, Poilhes, Herault. (February 2001)

Chez Philippe, Marseillan, Herault. (December 2000)
Le Terminus, between Quarante and Cruzy, Herault. (November 2000)
Auberge Le Saint Hubert, Lagrasse, Aude. (October 2000)
Parfums de Garrigues, Maraussan, Herault. (September 2000)
Restaurant du Minervois "Bel", Olonzac, Herault. (August 2000)
Chez Pierrot, Vinassan, Aude. (July 2000)
La Terrasse, Minerve, Herault. (May 2000)
Le Nouveau Pescadou and Le Coquillou, Meze, Herault. (April 2000)
L'Auberge de la Croisade, Canal du Midi. (February 2000)
La Petite Cour, Narbonne. (January 2000)
Le Tournedos, Lezignan. (October 1999)
Auberge de St Martin, Beaufort. (July 1999)
Restaurant Lo Cagarol, near Minerve. (June 1999)
Le Portanel Restaurant, Bages, near Narbonne (November 1998)
Auberge La Selette, Cabezac, near Bize Minervois (August 1998)
Auberge De L'Ecole, St Jean de Minervois (June 1998)
L'Amitié, Cybercafé, Prat de Cest (0ctober 1997)
L'Auberge de Vieux Puits, Fontjoncouse (April, 1997)

Roussillon Restaurants

Le Fanal, Banyuls sur Mer, Pyrenees-Orientales. (July 2001 - updated May 2013)
Les Templiers, Collioure, Pyrenees-Orientales(November 1997)

Provence Cote d'Azur Restaurants

Restaurant Chez Serge, Carpentras, Vaucluse (September 2009)

Restaurant La Gousse d'Ail, Bedoin, Vaucluse (August 2009)

Midi-Pyrenees Region Restaurants

la padena restaurant, venes, between albi and castres

La Padena, Venes, between Castres and Albi
(October 2015)
Ideal lunch time stop on the road from Castres to Albi. Efficient and Excellent
Hotel Restaurant du Pont, Ambialet, near Albi, Tarn. (April 2010)
La Dinée du Viguier, Figeac, Lot. (May 2007)
Restaurant Carayon, Saint Sernin sur Rance, Aveyron. (July 2006)
Le Papillon, Albi, Tarn. (July 2005)
Le Comptoir Gourmand, Mirepoix, Ariege. (February 2004)

Aquitaine Restaurants

Hotel de France Restaurant, Saint Justin, Landes. (February 2011)

Rhone-Alpes Restaurants

Cafe de la Table Ronde, Grenoble, Isere (November 2006)

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