Restaurant Chez Jean-Marc, Bize Minervois, Aude, Languedoc
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(2020 - A charming friendly restaurant with an eclectic mix of menus from Asian to French traditional)

restaurant chez jean marc, l'appaloosa, bize minervois, aude, languedoc

Restaurant Chez Jean-Marc, Bize Minervois

Chez Jean-Marc, in Bize Minervois, has long been a favourite for friendly dining, where the chef and wife welcome you to your table.

The owners have worked hard at creating a warm atmosphere, with a contemporary and intimate atmosphere. Here the menu caters for all tastes and age groups, from the hungry to the seeker of salads and fine wines. I had a lovely meal featuring nems with crunchy lettuce and a delicious chicken tikka masala rounded off with a white house wine from Trois Blasons at Azillanet

Jean Marc has a broad experience of working in some of the best restaurants around the world - and this global travelling comes to the fore in specialty Asian dishes. He also relishes cooking traditional French fare! So here there is menu for all!

Restaurant Chez Jean-Marc
8 Route d'Agel
11120 Bize Minervois

Tel: 04 68 46 34 95


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