Beziers, Herault - La Raffinerie
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(2020 - Restaurant continues to create mouthwatering menus)

La Raffinerie, Beziers. Restaurant of the Month
La Raffinerie, Beziers

La Raffinerie, Beziers, Herault, Languedoc

Dining with style and good taste, comes with excellent bite at La Raffinerie, in Beziers, on the Canal du Midi.

The interior has been carefully designed to exude excellence. Behind the bar, the wall is dominated by the orifices of what was once a sulphur refinery, a basic material used in the preparation of vines to produce excellent wines.

Menus are original, with surprises both succulent and succinct. The wines are chosen well. The prices very reasonable, and the service gracious. What more could one want?!

"I have returned to the restaurant a couple of times"

The restaurant is called La Raffinerie - The Refinery - hopefully they will strive to refine their service and quality of cooking to the standards that I recieved on my first visit"

La Raffinerie Restaurant
14, Avenue Joseph Lazare
34500 Beziers
Tel 04 67 76 07 12

la raffinerie restaurant, beziers

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