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Les Ecluses, Salleles D'Aude, Canal de la Robine, Aude, Languedoc
Restaurant Find of the Month (October 2005)

(2018 - surprising good reviews for fine traditional food at reasonable prices)

les ecluses, canal de la robine, salleles d'aude, restaurant of the month

Restaurant Les Ecluses, Salleles d'Aude, Aude

"I was interested to revisit this restaurant after the previous owners had made such a success of it. The interior is as problematical as it always was (why can't they do something with ugly wood beams, and the hanging cartwheel lights? - cover them up, remove them? - get rid of them and the ambiance of the restaurant would be improved greatly). With attentive service the meal was presented well. There was a touch of a chef who knew what he was doing - but I fealt he was fighting between traditional presentation and something more interesting. The variety was interesting but it seemed that there was not an understanding how different foods need to be cherished, pushed where possible to the limit, and not to over do all the little items that seem to be thrown like confetti over the plate. Feeling is I will go back and perhaps catch the chef when he's on a roll and not looking over his shoulder." an old review in 2006!

Under new ownership - comments please!

Restaurant Les Ecluses,
20 Grand'Rue
Salleles d'Aude

Tel 04 68 46 94 47

(Just 20 minutes from Narbonne - a pleasant way to spend the lunch time hour)

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