O Portail O, Olonzac, Herault, near Minerve, and Canal du Midi, Languedoc

2020 Languedoc South France Restaurant of the Month

Lovely restaurant with dining surrounded by 3 mirrors where the food is mesmerizing!

Restaurant O Portail O, Olonzac, near Minerve and Canal du Midi, Languedoc

O Portail O Restaurant is where dining is excellent for those who like a good view and have resonant tastes

O Portail O restaurant in Olonzac, Herault, near Minerve, Canal du Midi

Restaurant O Portail O, Olonzac

fine dining with Kafte and salade at O Portail O restaurant in Olonzac, herault, near minerve

Kofte Middle-East Burger with Salad

O Portail Restaurant, Olonzac, Herault, near Minerve and Canal du Midi.

Be surprised by the excellent cuisine in at this restaurant. With a good mix of middle eastern cuisine, and French cooking.
Good place to chill out, and be with good friends.

Ô portail Ô
6 Place du Portail Haut
34210 Olonzac

Phone +06 45 00 02 43


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