The Parfums de Garrigues,Maraussan, near Beziers, Herault, Languedoc
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(2020 - still creating a great dining experience)

Parfums de Garrigue, Maraussan, Herault

The Parfums de Garrigues, in Maraussan, near Beziers, is an exceptional restaurant providing one of the most memorable meals I've had in a long time.

It was the place to visit on a day when the heat was lingering, waiting for a change in wind. The menu was mouthwatering from beginning to end, each course bringing to the mouth a new adventure that was presented with finesse. The wine list too was knowledgeable. Hoorah for restaurants such as this to make dining an experience!

Parfums de Garrigues
Isabelle et Jean-Luc Santure
37, rue de la Poste
34370 Maraussan

Tel/Fax (33) 4 67 90 33 76

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