Giles "Denmark" Mitchell

My creative work is to do with the evolution of organic matter in the dance and chance of time. When I was young I wanted in part to be an architect - I designed buildings from the structural form of the letters of the alphabet. Later I created mobiles that were formed with words, and poems that looked like cross words. I had bad eyesight when I first went to Nottingham High School in England, and looking at my teachers and friends i could not really see them that well so reconstructed surrealistic faces that were contorted, and magical at the same time. The indefinite and the organic play of politics and world health and spirit are all working together trying to reach balances in the dimensions of life. The comprehensive and the incomprehensive are at play in our minds and it is for us to create our playground of art, and creativity in all its forms.

Acrylic painting by Giles Denmark - Nature Veins-2020

Nature Veins - Acrylic Painting by Giles Denmark 2020

When in Nottingham at the age of 11 years old I started to play improvisational piano music, with the help of my understanding piano teacher Mrs Kemp - who allowed me to play on her grand piano on Saturdays - that helped me to create amd expand my breadth of creativity and organize structure where music and color and the inert structure of nature and architecture and the daily toil mixed. It was the intuition, no doubt from the background of theater and art from my parents, who at their marriage in 1942 in London, were both actors who performed with "The Pilgrim Players" - a wartime travelling theatre group, who performed at camps, air-raid shelters, schools, a destroyer, prisons, and churches, travelling all over Britain.

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