La Dame d'Argent - White Wine - Roussanne
Chateau Trillol, Cucugnan, Hautes-Corbieres
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Everytime i drink the white wine, "La Dame d'Argent" - its dry subtle sweetness, with lovely colour, brightens my daily life and I can feel that Spring and heavenly Summer is around the corner. The Roussanne grape is feted here - taste and enjoy! (10% is Maccabeu, with vines 85 years old - so its never too old to get up and sing!)

Martine Guiot, told me tales of where to go, when i explained my fascination of Dolmens, prompted by "Dolmen" - a smooth red that she had on display. Grenache Noir : 42% Syrah : 35% Carignan : 2but robust 3%; 50% of the wine aged in wood barrels for 13 months - she told me about the Dolmen Falières also named the Cabane des Maures (look at this marvelous website!). So one day i will go off into the hills to discover the dolmen.

Thats the enjoyment of wine, and its association to the terroir the area, the rocks, the traditions. The wine seduces one to explore beyond the taste color resonance into what anthropological archaeological natural is hidden but omnipresent.

Dame d'Argent 9 euros

Dolmen 9 euros

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Chateau Trillol
Martine et Henri Guiot
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11350 Cucugnan
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Martine Guiot, Chateau Trillol, and Dame d'Argent wine
Martine Guiot - Chateau Trillol, Cucugnan, Hautes-Corbieres